Push Pull Clamps

" TRIKMAN " pneumatic push pull clamps are unique in its feature . it do not requires any external guiding assistance to be provided for spindle axis ,nor it requires end stopper . All these features are giving much more advantages over other clamps in terms of cost and space in the fixture. These clamps are available with 5 different strokes and clamping force capacity. Attachment of the pneumatic cylinder enhances its performance as well remote position actuation is possible. Changing over from manual version to pneumatic is made possible with the common configuration of clamp mouting holes for respective clamps.
Ideal use of these is for disappearing Pins , clamping against clamping situations.
Explore use of Trikman clamps

Toggle Mechanised Push Pull type Manual Clamps are unique in its designs .
It can be used where push type action is required with precision of accuracies for centre shaft.
Clamps are provided with hardened and ground guiding mehanism which practically eliminate external attachment provision unlike it is done with other clamps.
Are available with 5 capacities and stroke of spindles respectively.