Toggle Mechanised Clamps

Toggle Mechanism is a 3 point pivoted linkage mechanism used for applying concentrated force by manipulation of two links .
Central pivot point , when it over travel from one line created by 3 pivot points and stops 0.5mm apart from center line . It becomes irreversible linkage . The central pure point cannot move unless it is moved intentionally. When the movement of central pivot point makes one line with respect to another two pivot points, before 0.5mm reaching to make central line , it delivers maximum force towards two pivots .
This mechanism is being used worldwide for quick clamping mechanism. Trikman has reinvented the mechanism for predetermined stopages of central pivoting point to ensure the clamping mechanism gets locked when it reaches to the desired point.
Trikman toggle clamps are designed and manufactrured as such that the clamping arm need not be welded with the clamp . This avoids further mess created by welding . the clamp arm is having myler mounting holes as per NAMM standards of welding fixtures so that the shim pack gets match with the hole geometry. It gives immense flexiblity for designers to make the clamping arrangement quickly. And for the fixture integrator , it becomes plug and play show. Increases assembly speed and accuracy . The entire work of assembly related to clamp can be done by semi skill person. Trikman toggle clamps are available with conventional manual and Pneumatic versions. Manual clamps can be changed over to pneumatic eventually, simply replacing each other. This flexiblity is very useful when production is increased.