Trikman Training Institute

Manufacturing Engineering and Production System Designs and manufacturing is always demanded by Industries and Market to have trained personels , Knowledgeble enough to carryout.

Designs for more efficient manufacturing Plants through better manufacturing planning .

Reduction in productioncost and increase production efficiency. Make alignment of plant resources as such to respond Volume Changes , Product Mix, introduce new product quickly at optimum cost.Make Production line , envirnoment and systems lean.Manufacturing Engineering Functions in terms of factory layouts , Process engineering and planning , prodition system , Tool ,Fixture and Gauges Designs plays very important role in new product intoduction .This is forcing manufacturing functions across he industrial world to optimise their manufacturing engineering function for to have yield better on investment.

Having following strigent discipline in desiginign , validation of manufacturing process , plant resources management and their configuration in a virtual envirnoment early in life cycle of a new product to realise. where companies can elminate need of actual prototypes thus avoid errors which can be costly affair eventually.

Manufacturing Engineering always remained a guiding principle in prosuction systems and equipments designs" Trikman" Manufacturing Institute Provides fundamental and essential training in above subject. This training is structured in 2 levels

1st level (Certified Tool and Manufacturing Technician ) this level is designed for existing working tradesman,diploma holder in mech/production who are aspiring to be knowledgable technician .This course will give knowledge about material ,process and production technology.

2nd level ( Certified tool and manufacturing technocrat ) this is designed for formally educated technician who is aspiring to be a tool designer and system integrator in New product introduction , to make decision in manufacturing process , tooling concepts , estimation of tool and product cost , Plan and execute projects.

Each course is designed for working personels and/or freshers as finishing course for making them employable, and are conducted in class room on sunday and thursday.